Invacare Model IH6302G Pipeless Fixed Height Supine Bathing Tub (CHANGED PRICING & DIMENSIONS)
Invacare Model IH6302G Pipeless Fixed Height Supine Bathing Tub (CHANGED PRICING & DIMENSIONS)

Invacare Model IH6302G Pipeless Fixed Height Supine Bathing Tub (CHANGED PRICING & DIMENSIONS)

Manufacturer: Invacare
SKU: IH6302G
Retail Price: $13,350.00

Sell Price: $13,350.00



Pipeless technology meets flawless style. The TheraPure 6302G (and 6302GADH) supine tubs combine the purity and benefits of pipeless technology with updated contemporary styling, including a smooth fiberglass underside. IH6302G(Formerly IH6300) is an Invacare Therapure, free standing, heavy duty, extra long deluxe bariatric supine whirlpool bathing tub with foot end controls. The TheraPure 6302G Supine tub allows for maximum comfort and safety for the resident and caregiver. Their full immersion size and pipeless hydromassage systems provide a pure, relaxing, and enjoyable bathing experience for a more dependent resident. f Large enough to allow full immersion for resident comfort, these tubs are designed to maximize caregiver ergonomics for ease of use and safety. Additional space in the shoulder and hip areas make resident turning easier, while the narrower side walls allow the caregiver to be closer to the bather. The tubs include an auto-fill feature and adjustable temperature settings. The adjustable height model TheraPure 6302GADH tub can be raised to a comfortable working height for the caregiver, reducing back strain. When used residents will enjoy increased blood flow and circulation, pain relief, and faster healing. The therapure system offers a new shell design, a new auto-fill/auto shut off control and a anti-scald mixing valve. Pipeless purity with four new self contained easily cleaned whirlpool jets. Only tubs powered by exclusive pipeless technology are certified to meet NSF international hospital grade disinfectant protocol 182 removing 99.9% of all bacteria after each bath. Tub cleaning times and noise levels are reduced by over 50%. For cleaning: wetted components are all in easy reach within the tub, the sani-jets can be removed with a turn to the left, cleaned and replaced. Pipeless technology saves time and money. Bath oils, fragrances, salts, and soaps can be used to enhance the bathing/spa experience. Heavy duty double walled construction retains water temperature longer. New fast fill, anti-scald mixing valve dispenses 17 GPM for fast fills. Fill rate of 17.5 GPM, Hydromassage 72-80 GPM flow rate. Indulge larger residents with a soothing spa experience with a pipeless purity. Four whirlpool jets provide relaxing hydromassage for semi- and non-ambulatory residents. The Invacare 1200 Stretcher Lift is designed to work in harmony with the TheraPure 6302G series tubs. Dimensions: 94" L x 38" W Inside 30" at the shoulders, and 22" wide at the feet Rim Height: 32" Three year warranty on tub Ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, rehab, hospices, and more dependent residents requiring a supine tub and stretcher lift.

Product Details

Weight: 280 lbs.
Length: 94
Width: 38
Height: 32

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