Selecting The Correct Tub For Your Residents


( Free standing supine tub) - recommended use for non-ambulatory residents at LTC, Hospice, Rehab facilties that require the most most care bathing. Available in fixed height models for under $10,000.00 and height adjustable models under $12,000.00. Add $4,000.00 for the stretcher lift and $6,000.00 for the lift scale combo unit.

Supine tubs offer comfortable and immediate bathing with the use of either a stretcher Or chair lift. Stretcher lifts are used for those residents who cannot bend the knees. The lifts can also have a scale. The residents bathe in a prefilled tub. These tubs are usually used for residents lacking mobility.


(Free standing door tub) – recommended use ambulatory residents at LTC,Hospice, Rehab for all geographic area where water is a premium. $10,500.00 add $2000.00 for auto fill, self purge, and air spa features. Reclining tubs are door tubs and usually do not require a lift. Reclining tubs are great in areas of the country where water is at a premium. They require a small amount of water About 20 gallons that is prefilled in the foot well of the tub. It is a fast fill of 1.4 minutes. The unique water basin at the foot of the tub allows a pre-fill and early exit of The tub. This is a free standing reclining door tub that is fast and uses the least amount Of water when bathing. Once the resident is in the tub, it reclines moving the water from the foot end of the tub to the upper body area, allowing you to bathe the resident.

Chosing The Correct Tub


Most popular selection for ambulatory and non ambulatory residents at LTC, Rehab, and many other facilities.

Side entry door tubs are low to the floor with four adjustable legs. They allow for a height adjustment up to ten inches off the floor. Most tubs are set at 6=7 inches off the floor for easy entrance. The doors are wide 40 inches wide and swing back to almost touch the tub. Entering a door tub is exactly like entering the front seat of a car. Most residents walk in. If they need additional assistance they can use a wheel chair, transfer chair, bath chair, or a chair lift with scale. Easy side entry entrances make bathing safer and easier. The free standing tub allow for a supported bath with staff at the foot and one side of the tub for a heavily assisted bath, or most of your residents will be able to bathe with limited assistance.


Most popular for LTC, AL, IN. and all other senior facilities. Most recessed tubs are built in an alcove or closet 60-65 inches long. The recessed tubs is the shortest tub available and is the same size As a residential bath tub. The only exposed side is the door side of the tub. Wood half walls finished with drywall is most commonly seen on this type of tub and is the least expensive method of installation. Finished walls Are available from the factory for about $800.00 per pair. Specifically designed for ambulatory residents and the perfect choice for AL, Independent living and all senior communities.


Treat your residents to a spa like experience - create a relaxing home like enviroments for your residents to relax and bathe. Wall mounted bathing room furniture,storage cabinets, wardrobe units, tv/armoire/entertainment units, computer tables, deluxe shower chairs and bath seats, lounge chairs and end tables.

Waterproof your bathing area and create a European wet room and and bathing spa? Turn your facilities out dated bath area into a European wet room and bathing spa with Therapure bathing systems and professional Interior design. Your residents will enjoy a cleaner quieter and more luxurious bathing experience.

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